The Tuesday Club

The Lower Red Lion Beerfest

Our last gig was March 2020… recently and not so recently it had felt like the live music ship may have sailed and a life of even greater obscurity now beckoned… That was until I was walking down Fishpool Street, St.Albans last week. Despite it being early in the morning, I was drawn to cross the road so I could walk past my local The Lower Red Lion and luckily I did, for in the window I spied a poster advertising a Bank Holiday weekend Beerfest!

WOW now that looks like something I could really get involved in I thought, I really like beer, so imagine my suprise when I looked at the small print on the left hand side of the poster, (under live music)… It says The Tuesday Club are due to be appearing, I thought?! Double WOWZA…

Cautiously I texted David he of land lording status to see if it was true and he confirmed it was! So there you have it folks! 17 months on from our last gig, we are playing a live set again!!!
Apparently there’s allsorts going on over the weekend and all afternoon on the Bank Holiday Monday; including lots of other live music (in aid of raising funds for the Essex & Herts Air Ambulance), beer sampling and eating!

So if any or ALL of those appeal why not get yourselves down to the Lower Red in plenty of time to have a couple and catch a rarity in progress… A Tuesday Club live set!

We’re on sometime after 5pm, so suggest getting there by at least 4.30 if you want to see what 17 months of muscle memory can do to a band!

find out more about the weekend here!