The Tuesday Club

Let The Kids Run The Country

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    Let the Kids Run the Country

    The Tuesday Club

    It all comes back to them
    the cogs at 3am
    The big whigs pounds of flesh
    They press, depress, no stress

    Let the kids run the country

    So desperate to please
    An emotional strip tease
    I Jumped the que to save the p’s
    And landed on my knees

    feelin outa sorts
    with their endless drear retorts
    my stomach it contorts
    for their crosses we draw noughts

    the unhealthyness of this
    the bad news won’t desist
    let’s plan a mighty tryst
    then flick and signal off the wrist!

    And let’s have a lovely cup of tea, ‘cos we’re so lucky to be free

Released on 19th January 2019