And then there were four!

New boy, drums and vocal gymnastics

Hailing from a famous drum and theatrical dynasty, Corporal Blairdrick is our newest recruit awarded the TC Cross for gallantry when saving the Gargar tour, he was recruited by fellow humanoid Rogerio. Blairdrick dreams of Cedric Sharpley even when awake. Facebook addict, heavy but secret drinker… could be R.Whites?

Wasabi Worm
The wielder of the Heavy Lead Guitar,

Wasabi Penis (or if family show, Wasabi Worm) is a maverick of experimentation. His bleeeding guitar squeals and no little heavy intent are part of the TCs signature backbone. When pushed, lager or bitter.

Rogerio Marauder
Keyboards and wavey hands

The new kid on the block. Does magical things with his hands. Creates that extra layer of ‘noise’ that give the TCs that extra richness of tapestry. Lager, strong and big.

Andreas Vanderbraindrain
Vocals, yelps, guitar and breakages

Cracked, boiled in the bag and bruised by a life of self-taught insanity. AVBD conjures the words that explain both his and the TC’s eclectic dark side. European fighting lager or a Bacardi Breezer with a cherry.

The Beautiful Wolf
Twang and Thud... Bass

Sleek, silver, the Bass Professor. Floatingly creative butterflyesque but with no little sting from his silvery tail. The genius of Guinness.